$2 HELLO FALL SIGN DIY (Dollar Tree)




(Right-click and save. Open and print in Microsoft Word)



(Font Used for “F LL”: Franklin Gothic Medium size 500, Microsoft Word)

(OR right click & Save and then open/print in Microsoft Word)

^You will need 2 “L”


Items Used:

-Printed “hello”, 1 “F” and 2 “L”

-Acrylic Paint


-Dollar Tree “Beware” MDF long Sign

-Matte Mod Podge & Sponges

-Craft Maple Leaf

-White Acrylic Paint & Sponge

-Hot Glue

*Optional – Sandpaper



  1. Paint back of Beware sign with 2 coats of white paint
  2. Print out words. Print 1 “hello”, 1 “F” and 2 “L”
  3. Cut out all printed images as closely to the line as possible.
  4. Once the sign has nearly dried, sand down random areas to create a distressed appearance.
  5. Mod-podge glue your cut outs into position, making sure that “hello” is horizontal across the top and “F”, “L” and “L” are vertical across the remaining space. Make sure to leave room between “F” and the first “L” for your maple leaf.
  6. Once mod-podged cut outs have dried, hot glue down a maple leaf in the space you left between “F” and the first “L”. The maple leaf replaces the letter “A” in the word “fall”.



Dollar Tree ‘ Out of Candy ‘ DIY




Hey guys, welcome to my first (and probably only) halloween DIY! I’m not much of a halloween decorater because I just love my farm-inspired fall decor and hate to take it down for creepy stuff, but I do like to put something out on the front door.

We’ve all ran out of candy in the past and it’s kinda sad when the kiddos ring the doorbell and you have to tell them you don’t have any left. This DIY is a cute way to (sadly) let your trick-or-treaters know that you’re out of candy without them having to ring the door bell, which also spares you from getting off the couch to answer the door lol!

It’s so easy and quick, Here’s what you’ll need (everything can be found at Dollar Tree)!:

  • ‘Out of candy’ PDF printed (linked towards the end of this post!)
  • Dollar Store Picture Frame (mine is 8×11)
  • Your choice of color construction or craft paper for backround
  • paint pen (mine is an ornament marker from Dollar Tree)
  • ribbon (mine is from walmart)
  • hot glue or any strong glue gel


1.To start, print off your PDF. It will be to scale with regular size printer paper (8.5 x 11)

2. Once I’ve printed out my PDF, I cut it down to fit in the frame. I typically use the frame insert to measure the size that I need.

3. Next, I place the printable inside of the frame so that its underneath the glass.

4. Using your paint pen, the next step is to simply trace the words onto the glass from the frame. The PDF is acting as a stencil while we paint-pen directly onto the glass. There are endless possibilities of text artwork that you could make using this method!

5. Once you are done tracing, remove the PDF print out and replace it with whatever color/pattern construction paper you’d like! I used black to make the white text pop, plus, it adds a spooky feel!

6. Last, but not least, measure out two equal strips of ribbon. Make them long enough that when tied together in a bow, there will be enough excess ribbon on one end of each to attach to either side of the top of the frame. The ribbons will act as your hanger. Glue 1 piece of ribbon to each of the top 2 corners of the frame and let dry. Once dry, tie a bow together and hot glue the back side of the tie of the bow to keep it from coming undone.




‘ Out of Candy ‘ PDF

[click link, print!]

In case you’re wondering, I created this photo on my phone in an app called Phonto. They have really cute fonts and its easy to create varying sizes/font collages. I save the photo, then email it to myself. Then, I get on my computer, save the photo and open it in Microsoft Word. I just scale the photo in Microsoft Word to the size I want. I’ve done this for several projects! I’m sure there are much easier ways to do this, but its simple enough for me to do that I don’t worry about it. You could also create your own text in Microsoft Word for this project or any other similar project!


That’s it for this DIY! Let me know if you created this project and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what costume you’re going to wear this year – I need some ideas!



Engagement Gift Idea (Affordable from Target!)


engagement gift basket.png


Monogram Mug $4.99 | Fiancé Tank $12.99 | Wedding Planning Journal $14.99 


With the beautiful fall scenery here and the holidays right around the corner, you can almost expect some of your friends who are “ready to take the next step” to get engaged soon. After all, the changing leaves or twinkling holiday lights set the perfect scene for a romantic proposal. It seems to me like fall and holiday time are some of the most popular times of year for couples to get engaged, and it’s totally understandable why since it seems like there’s something special in the air during these months. My best friend just recently got engaged a few weeks ago, so I threw together an engagement gift for her and her fiance (he’s like a brother to me) on the fly as they were visiting just a couple weeks post engagement.

I purchased everything from Target online. We all know, target is the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything, so it was a no brainer to shop there. Plus, target has a really low minimum purchase price for free shipping (only $25!) and no one ever makes it out of target only spending $25, so I basically consider it a free shipping site lol!

Everything I picked up for the couple was really affordable. Admittedly, I didn’t even think to do this when my first friend got engaged. I was brand new to the “marriage scene” and didn’t really know what normal etiquette was. You live and you learn, but you don’t have to go all out on an engagement gift since bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and of course wedding gifts will follow soon within the next year. You can do way less (even just a card) depending on your financial situation, but being that these two are some of my best friends, I wanted do something special for the both of them.  Here are just a few options of what you can do. Mix and match depending on how much you’d like to spend, and even add your own ideas!:

  1. Monogram Mugs: The bride will likely be getting a new last initial, so celebrate that with monogrammed mugs.
  2. Wedding Planner: This wedding planner was actually super amazing. It has tabs for EVERYTHING that you could think of (and things you might not) so you can keep all your information straight. The planner even has pockets in the inserts that you can keep receipts and vendor business cards in too. It’s actually really really functional and super adorable and chic at the same time!
  3. Graphic Tee: I thought this little tank top would be sucha cute “gag” type gift that my best friend could actually use. I don’t expect her to actually wear this out and about, but its a cute photo prop and PJ/Lounge type top. You could take it a step further and find a top for the MR. too, but her fiance has always said that we “do too much” when it comes to gifts, so I kept his gifts to a minimum since I know he doesn’t really care about the material things lol!
  4. High Quality Card: If you don’t have a big budget or aren’t comfortable gifting the couple something, get them a special card just to say congrats. TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls are my go-to for really nice cards at super cheap prices. I wish I would have taken a picture of their card, but it was actually made out of flexible plastic and had metallic text. As you can see, the envelope was a heavy silver paper, which took the card up a notch. The card only cost me $2, which is several dollars less than at the grocery store, not to mention this card was 100x better than a $1 cards from Dollar tree. The couple will appreciate even the flimsiest card you get, but for such a special event, I think it’s nice to spend an extra buck for something a little more luxe. I also added this sparkly 3D gold bow I found in a pack of 3 to the envelope. The bow came from dollar tree and they are SO cute. You can find them in the gift bag section and they are perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts and holiday presents as well!
  5. Bottle of Champagne with a bridal magazine: If you don’t have time to shop/order a gift, but want to do something nice for the couple, go into your local grocery store and buy a bottle of champagne, a bridal magazine and some ribbon. morph the magazine around the bottle of champs and then secure it with a ribbon. When they get home, they’ll likely pop the bottle and flip through the magazine for wedding inspo – they’ll be thankful you helped them relax while doing so! Image found from pinterest!

champs and mag


That’s it, no need to do anything too too crazy, but it will be super appreciated if you just do anything at all to acknowledge the couples special news. Do you have any friends who are recently engaged? Let me know if you have any other ideas in the comment below because I’m sure there will be a few more announcements in the upcoming months (hopefully one of my brothers lol!)


Affordable Fall Farmhouse Style Decor

FullSizeR (5)

*Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

Hey friends! Today we are finally going to be talking about fall decor! You guys know my obsession with all things fall and I’ve been waiting since Christmas 2016 ended for fall to come back around lol! Today, I have a ton of $20 & under finds from everyone’s favorite online source for everything – Amazon! If you missed my fall decor post from last year, feel free to check it out Fall Home Decor 2016 !


Affordable Fall Farmhouse Decor From Amazon Under 20 dollar

*Images Courtesy of Amazon.com

Plaid Throw Blanket : Blankets and throws are such a cozy and functional touch to add to your fall decor. I love the neutral colors of this one which will take you through all the seasons since there is no predominant seasonal color!

Birch Flameless Candle Set : OK, I cheated a little on this one because it actually retails for $20.99… I’m sorry! But, this is a great deal for such a gorgeous and rustic candle set. This comes with the batteries (you’re saving a couple bucks there!) a remote control AND a built in timer! These are the more realistic flames a well, similar to expensive Luminera candles. It’s a stellar value for sure. You can use these year round depending on your style and I think they would be great for use at Christmas Time, too!

‘Gather’ Wooden Sign : These ‘Gather’ signs are all the rage in the farmhouse decor world, especially during the fall time when family and friends find themselves gathering for the special occasions of the season. This would be super cute on a shelf or in a gallery wall.

White Pumpkin Door Hanger : If you’re looking for a door hanging option that doesn’t take up as much storage space as a wreath, but looks just as fun and festive, this linen door hanger is a good option. The neutral colors will match any other outdoor decor you have and storing it after the Autumn will take almost no space at all.

Preserved Boxwood Mini Wreath : These mini wreaths look so cute hung over kitchen cabinet doors, on the indoor doors to bedrooms/baths and any wall space that needs “a little something.” Boxwood is great for any season, and while the price is pretty steep for this size, this IS real boxwood that has been preserved and there is free shipping! Faux boxwood wreaths can be found cheaper here, but for the sake of keeping this post a one-stop-shop, I wanted to show what is available on Amazon in the greenery department!

Set of 2 Mini Burlap Pumpkins  : I absolutely love the earthy look of these pumpkins and I actually have a few burlap pumpkins of my own. These play really well with other textured pumpkins, such a glass, galvanized, metallic, wood, etc, and real pumpkins too! I always like to buy at least two of a decor piece so that I can have symmetry in my decor if needed, so I also love that these is a 2 piece set!

‘Give Thanks’ Pillow Cover : Pillow covers are one of the most easy and affordable ways to dress up your living room for fall. Just throw a pillow cover over an existing pillow and you’ve got a whole new fall-farmhouse look! This is much more effective for storing as well. I’m guilty of having lots of different pillows for different seasons that take up SO much storage space! I’ve been banned from pillow shopping until further notice lol!

Burlap Pumpkin Banner : Trust me, I’m all about the neutrals, but your space will possibly feel like any other season if you don’t add a few small pops of autumnal color. This sweet little banner is the perfect way to add a itty-bitty pop of color to the focal point of your room, which tends to be the fireplace. You can also hang this at your coffee bar, along a console table or from any shelving/bookcase. I love that this is on a neutral and rustic burlap material and the price is pretty good. You can DIY one of these yourself and save a couple bucks, but sometimes its worth it to buy it pre-made for a few dollars more so you can use your time on a project with a larger savings.


Have you started your fall decor shopping or are you using things you already have from previous seasons? When do you think its acceptable to put out your fall decor? Let me know in the comments below! As always, thank you SO much for stopping by my blog today!


White Tshirt Outfit for Summer


White Tshirt (My Favorite. I also love this one!) | Crossbody Bag (I’m wearing it backwards!) | Similar Jeans  (love the ankle distressing!) | Wedges (a dupe for a really high end pair!) |Necklace / Earring set (I found this necklace in a set that includes earrings for less than the price of the necklace alone!)


Hi there! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the last day of July. I never updated you guys, but I purchased a few of these Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tshirts from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and this white one may be my #1 favorite purchase, or a close second after the barefoot dreams cardis (which I will cover in another post!) I was nervous that this tee would look masculine or cheap because in some photos, it looks slightly like a men’s valuepack white v-neck tee from Walmart…. (I hope Nordstrom or Lush never see that comment haha!) However, I really love the way it looks on me and finding a flattering white-tee is usually  a difficult task for me. It is slightly sheer, but not enough that I feel like I need to wear a cami underneath for casual wear. I just make sure to always wear a nude bra and add a cami if I’m wearing it for more formal attire. I purchased it in my regular size large and it fits with a bit of room to spare. For $15 during the sale, you for sure need to stock up! I also purchased it in burgundy and black and can’t wait to wear them nonstop! I’m stalking Nordstrom’s site to see if any other colors come back in stock in my size, and if so, you bet your butt they are going in my cart! My other favorite white tee is the free people “rising sun” scoop neck tee, but it costs $58 and isn’t worth buying in all colors like this Lush tee is!

For a super easy and casual, yet slightly elevated summer look, just pair this tee with  your favorite distressed jeans and a pair of summer wedges. You’ll instantly look put-together, but oh-so fuss free. I added a simple crossbody bag and my “everyday necklace” which goes with everything and also has that casual, but put-together kind of appeal.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! What is your favorite way to style a white tee? Have you picked any of these up from the sale yet? Let me know in the comments below!


Nordstrom Sale Try On & Review



Hey guys! I wanted to provide you with a review of the items I have received so far from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017! I’m so happy that I was able to shop during early access this year and get most of what I wanted because I see that so much is sold out now during public access. Even though the sale has officially started and is available to everyone (which means way more competition to get what you want) I have been able to snag a few more things during public access. It sounds literally psychotic, but if something you want is sold out, check back on several times a day. I’m talking 3, 4, 5 even 6 times a day. I have been checking on the sold-out BP pullover sweater several times today and have seen it go in and out of stock in different colors and sizes, so persistence will pay off!

With all that being said, let’s get into my thoughts on what I have received from my orders so far. If you prefer youtube reviews/try ons, check out my video which will be at the bottom of this post!




BP Leopard Scarf | Lush Roll Tab Shirt

Leopard Scarf: I believe leopard is a neutral and a closet staple. It’s nice to add leopard in small pops (such as with a scarf) to add a little drama to your outfit, without getting tacky with too much print! I highly recommend this lightweight gauzey scarf!

White V-Neck Blouse: The overall fit is supposed to be flowy, so this is true to size. For less roominess, size down. I really love this shirt in the black color that I purchased last year, but the ivory is too sheer for my liking. They are the same quality, style and fit, I just don’t like to fuss with having to find the perfect undergarments for a sheer top. I still recommend this though, in either the darker colors or the ivory if you don’t mind wearing a cami.



Love By Design Sweater

Oversized Chunky Sweater: The fit of this is supposed to be over-sized, but this is way too big. Definitely size down at least 1 size if possible. I am going to return this because its just very big and bulky and I can’t afford to add any bulk to my frame, but this looks adorable on a slimmer body type than mine. This also appears to be a deep v-neck on the model in the stock photo, but on me, it wasn’t. It wasn’t deep enough to show enough feminine decolletage to balance out the bulkiness.



BP Pullover Sweater | Similar Kendra Scott Necklace

Sweater In Red Ocher: This is in my top 2 favorites from this years #Nsale. It is extremely lightweight, yet still feels substantial and soft. It does not feel like a $24 sweater! I love the generous fit in my regular size, although the site recommends you size down. This sweater is the perfect length, so I’m glad I did not size down as I would not want to loose any length. I did purchase this in Ivory as well, which I am sending back. The ivory felt cheap and very thin in comparison to the red ocher, so I have ordered the gray one to take the Ivory ones place!

Kendra Scott Filigree Necklace: I can’t speak on the exact necklace in the sale, but the one I’m wearing is the same thing, just in an arrowhead shape instead of oval. I love this necklace because it feels sturdy and quality. It’s a really  nice casual necklace that can still dress up an outfit. The only thing I should mention is that Kendra Scott has had pieces in anniversary sales in years past, and people have complained that the quality isn’t the same as the necklaces offered outside of the sale. I noticed the price point of the necklace included in the sale is about $10 cheaper at its full price than the one on Kendra’s website, so weight might be slightly lighter.



Lush Side Slit Tank | BP Striped Scarf

Lush Tank: Because of the slits on the side of this tank, it is very roomy. You can definitely size down if you’d like a closer fit. I appreciate the extra room and really adore this top. I also purchased it in moonstruck which is a gray color and I can’t wait to wear that one with the scarf in this photo too! These have a very “lived in” and soft feel to them. The only issue with this top is that it is dry clean only!

Scarf: Not much to say about this scarf other than its perfect. The colors are on point for fall and I love that it is lightweight so I can start wearing it before the real chilly weather gets here. This scarf is slightly heavier than the leopard one, but is still more of a fashion scarf than an actual cold-weather scarf. I also really like the other light color combo offered in this scarf to transition into fall and to brighten up a winter outfit post holiday season.


IMG_5684 (1)

Madison and Berkeley Cold Shoulder Top

Cold Shoulder Top: I really wanted to love this top because its something I can start wearing now and it is my favorite color for fall, but this runs pretty small. The look on the model was a casual fit with no pulling across the chest or arms, but as you can see from my photo, its very tight in those areas. The body of the shirt isn’t form fitting, but it definitely doesn’t have the same kind of relaxed fit from the stock photo. I’m going to return this sadly, but size up if you like this color/style!



Bobeau Ruffle Neck Top | Zella Live In Leggings

Top: This is probably my favorite purchase of the sale! This top is so pretty and feminine and I just love the light airy weight to it. It’s something you can start wearing just as soon as the temps start to cool down to the low seventies. It does run slighty big (as long as you aren’t extremely busty) so I could size down, but I am waiting to see if a medium becomes available. If not, I will def keep the large.

Zella Live in High Waist Leggings: (these are cuffed up in this photo, they are actually pretty long and I’m 5’7!) Everyone is going to hate me for saying this, but these are way overhyped. As workout leggings, they don’t even come close to my favorite reebok leggings. My reebok’s have a really thick (material wise and length wise) waist band that sucks you in and HOLDS you in place while you do intense exercise such as sprints and distance runs. No tummy movement or flab here when I wear my reebok leggings. The Zella’s definitely smooth you out, but if your tummy is your trouble area, I don’t think these will “hold you in” during runs and such. However, for wear outside of the gym, these are pretty nice. They are heavy weight, pitch black, very flattering and pretty much bend-test approved. If your tummy isn’t a huge problem for you like it is for me, or you don’t do vigorous exercise, then the Zellas could be great for the gym. They just don’t cover all my requirements for workout leggings, so I’m on the fence on whether or not to keep these.


FullSizeR (4)

BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket

Blanknyc faux leather moto jacket: This was at the very top of my #nsale must have list, and sadly, it is going back. Its such a nice, high quality faux leather jacket, but the fit just wasn’t good for my frame. I ordered a size up in this jacket, knowing that I wanted this to fit sweaters and such underneath, but it would barely zip up at the bottom with nothing underneath! This jacket was roomy enough everywhere other than the bottom of the jacket that hits at my hips. I’m curvy and do have a “pear” shape, so thats probably why this masculine style jacket didn’t work for me. I still highly recommend it to those of you who are narrower than me or don’t mind wearing it open!

Did you all shop the sale and if so, what were your favorite purchases? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my youtube video for more in depth reviews of each item!


What I Actually Bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


*All photos in this post are property of Nordstrom.com


Today is the day guys! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access is finally here for card holders and I barely got a wink of sleep last night because I was so excited to shop (jk nothing stops me from sleep LOL) But seriously, it felt like waking up on Christmas morning because this is the first year I’ve been able to shop early access. As soon as I woke up at 6am, I began shopping! So today, I’m going to be showing you what I actually ended up getting. If you read my last post, you may be surprised since NONE of what I showed you actually made it into my cart! There were SO many better things that weren’t shown in the catalog, so I ditched my original wish-list.  And to quickly recap on my last blog post, if you are a Nordstrom credit card holder, you can start shopping the sale now. If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, don’t worry, you can get in on the action on July 21st!

And believe it or not, 1 thing that I planned on purchasing was no longer available #WTF. I’m not sure if it sold out or if Nordstrom decided against offering the color I wanted, but I planned on getting this Kendra Scott necklace in Rose Gold, which was shown in the catalog, but not currently available. I went a little bit over my intended budget though, so maybe that’s a blessing in disguise!

Let’s move onto all the goodies that I was able to snag though!

blank nyc moto

BLANKNYC Moto Jacket | Size XL

This is a returning favorite and sell-out of the #Nsale. I missed out on this one last year during public access, so I took advantage of early access this year and snagged this RIGHT away. I actually searched for this first, added it to my cart, and checked out with just this one item. Nordstrom always has free shipping, so it was no additional cost to purchase it separately from the rest of my order. Items have sold out while sitting in my cart before, so I wasn’t going to risk that happening. I saw that this has already sold out in size XL in the green color, I told you it was a crowd favorite! Also, I purchased a size up as I heard that this can run small/tight in the arms.


bobeau ruffle neck top

Bobeau Ruffle Babydoll Top | Size L

This is the only printed top you will see in this haul! I have learned to stick to simples and neutrals to make my closet as cohesive as it can be, but in doing so, I’ve realized that I had very little “wow factor” in my wardrobe. During the rare occasions that I’d go bar-hopping with my friends, I always felt like I didn’t have anything dressy to wear. That’s when this little number comes into play. Its so sweet with the semi-mock neck with ruffles, but edgy as well with the shoulder cut outs. This baby doll style is very flattering on my body type as well, so it was a no brainer for me!

BP leopard scarf

BP Leopard Scarf

I’ve seen this scarf in some variation each year that I’ve shopped this sale, but always missed out on it. The price point is incredible and leopard scarves are always on trend and WAY more versatile then you’d think. I need another scarf like I need a bullet in my head, but I couldn’t pass it up!

BP plaid scarf

BP Tan Plaid Scarf

What was it that I was saying about needing another scarf? 😉 But again, I couldn’t pass this one up either. I’ve moved on to a much more neutral color palette and some of my older plaid scarves just don’t fit my style anymore. This one offers a subtle pop of color with the deep burgundy, but remains mostly  neutral – just the way I like it.


BP pullover

BP. V-Neck Popover | Size L

This one is so nice, that I bought it twice (also in Ivory!) The fit recommendation is to size down, but I stuck to my normal size because I like an oversized fit and it allows me to not worry about this top shrinking. There’s not much to say about this top except that it’s a basic that every wardrobe needs – just a simple v-neck sweater! My office gets REALLY cold in the winter months, so I like to have light sweaters like this to wear under heavier cardigans and ponchos. Also, I love this rusty-reddish orange color. This color has been very on-trend this summer, so I can see this being my go-to transitional top when summer fades into fall! Also, you can never have enough Ivory in your closet as it is THE most versatile color, so I had to have that one as well.


dreamers by debut cardi

Dreamers by Debut Sweater | Size L

As I was saying, I wear a lot of cardigans and sweaters to work when the weather gets really cold. I can never really have enough! A lot of the cardigans that I showed you guys in my last post seemed really light, so I decided to pass on those and give this one a try. By the photo, this looks like a substantial and soft sweater that would provide warmth, which is exactly what I was on the hunt for. It’s hard to tell by photos how heavy/warm a sweater is though, so fingers crossed that this one is my new holy-grail!


lush tank

Lush Side Slit Tank | Size L

This was another one that was priced so nice that I bought it twice (Also in black!) Again, not much to say about this besides its a simple basic that every closet needs. I feel like I never have just a plain tank to wear under vests, cardigans, open flannels, etc, so I added two of these to the cart without hesitation. The moonstone color appears to be a nice cool-toned cream color which is more flattering on me than stark white.


lush top

Lush Roll Tab Sleeve Top | Size L

Another Lush item AND a repurchase for me! I bought this same top in black last year during the Anniversary Sale, and its been such a great addition to my wardrobe. This year I decided to go with Ivory, because again, it’s the most universal color ever. This is the BEST work-to-play kind of top and its extremely light and flowy. You can definitely wear this now while its still blazing hot and layer it under cardigans and vests later when its cooler. I love that this shirt has no collar to mess with and its extremely comfortable. This is my favorite top to wear under layering pieces because it adds NO extra bulk so you can still look slim while bundling up.


madison berkley cold shoulder

Madison & Berkeley Cold Shoulder Top | Size L

I absolutely LOVE the color of this top, so I couldn’t pass it up. This mustardy-camel color was my favorite last fall and that hasn’t changed at all for this upcoming fall. I really love that this is a top that I can start wearing now since the worst part about shopping this sale is that you have to wait to wear most of your items. I also really love that the straps of this top look thick enough to allow you to wear a normal bra (no strapless bra required!) and that the neckline is v-neck, which is my favorite style!


zella leggings

Zella Live In Leggings | Size L

Aaaaand Last, but CERTAINLY not least, the most highly rated leggings on Nordstrom’s site! These Zella Leggings have been a part of the sale since I started shopping it 3 years ago, but I’ve never been able to snag them before they sell out. Even after the sale, at regular price, my size always seems to be sold out in the color Black. I’m so happy to give these a try since high quality leggings are crucial to a bottom-heavy girl’s closet!


love by design sweater

Love By Design Cuff Sleeve Pullover | Size L

Oops, I did it again…. I shopped for the 4th time in 1 day haha! I saw a blogger modeling this sweater in a Nordstrom dressing room and it looked so good on her, that I had to get it for myself. I must have overlooked this one since its pretty average looking by the stock photo – but it looked really cute on! It makes me wonder how many other treasures are hiding behind mediocre stock photos! But anyway, I ordered this in Ivory (I know, I bought hella ivory) and some sizes are already sold out in that color so make your moves quick on this item!


*EDIT AGAIN, 7/18/17:


BP Pocket Tee | Size L

After receiving the bulk of my order, I knew there was some extra room in my budget because I’m going to be making quite a few returns. I decided to order this simple tshirt, just because I definitely don’t have any good long sleeve tees in my wardrobe currently. I really wanted the white with black stripes, but it was sold out, so I settle for this gray and white striped version. I’m actually really excited for this one to come in because I have had several variations of black and white striped clothes throughout the years, but never gray and white! This top comes in 6 colors/patterns and seems to be one of the best selling items. Definitely order several of these since they are only $18.90 during the sale and will go back up to $29 afterwards.


** Edit, take 3! HAHA 7/20/17

barefoot dreams

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Calypso Cardigan | Size L/XL

I didn’t even see this baby in the sale until the last day of early access, but I had been eyeing both of the other barefoot dreams cardigans that seem to be more widely talked about. Even on sale, both of those cardigans are $75+ dollars, which is pretty steep! The Circle Cardigan isn’t quite my style, and the reviews on Hooded Cardigan say that it looks too much like a robe to be worn out of the house, so when I saw this adorable cardigan which is totally my style and looks nice enough to wear at my (casual) office, I threw it in the cart. Its $15 less than the other options, which is such a shock to me since I usually gravitate towards the most expensive options! I picked up the black one for myself and the ombre one in the photo to gift to my mom for her birthday in August. I can’t wait to see how these feel since they are so highly hyped! I’ve never owned anything from barefoot dreams, but I did feel a robe at Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and it felt heavenly!



So, whats your favorite item from the sale? How do you think this sale compares to years past?! Leave a comment down below letting me know! I’ll be sure to post once my items get here letting you know what I’m keeping and if I need to make any returns! As always, thank you for stopping by 🙂